Eliminated or Reduced Cash Reserves

RPN has a solution for any business that has a large cash reserve tied up by its credit card processor.

The RPN solution enables the business to eliminate or dramatically reduce its reserve by processing through Retailers Processing Network. Pulling back cash reserves into the business enables it to pay for new inventory or improvements or other business needs, rather than placing this capital in escrow.

RPN is the only processor that identified this problem and came up with a solution that benefits the merchant.

In addition to freeing up your reserve, you’ll lower your monthly operating costs by switching to Retailers Processing Network’s expert credit card processing.

  • RPN offers the best credit card processing rates and there are no hidden fees.
  • Processing merchants are automatically covered by Retailers Processing Network’s data breach insurance.
  • Our credit card processing is designed for retailers, manufacturers and Internet transactions.
  • We offer an easy, seamless transition.
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