About the Credit Card Group

Every business needs to accept credit cards and in this economy it is more important than ever to find operational savings. The Credit Card Group is an alliance of dedicated professionals who are passionate about delivering the most cost-efficient, highly serviced and secure credit card processing services in America.

We have chosen to represent the Michigan Retailer Association/Retailers Processing Network (MRA/RPN) - the largest state retailers association in America. As a member-owned, non-profit organization, MRA/RPN’s primary interest is to offer the best available programs to its members, and they do!

The Credit Card Group can now offer their services not only to retailers, but also to any other organization that utilizes credit card processing throughout the United States. Collectively, we have custom designed programs that offer such benefits as no hidden fees, 24/7 support from real people, dramatically reduced cash reserve obligations and unmatched protection against data breaches.

About The Michigan Retailers Association

MRA has been providing comprehensive credit card processing services to retailers since 1968. Through its 5,500 members, MRA fulfilled the need to provide low cost, high quality processing that maximized the collective buying power of its membership. MRA has exclusive arrangements with over 45 community banks and provides processing services for over 20 state and national associations. The Credit Card Group is the exclusive representative of the MRA’s offerings.

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