No Hidden Fees

Hidden fees in credit processing systems cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Typical fees include:

  • Chargebacks: most businesses pay $20 to $25 each time a customer refuses or cancels an order.
  • Voice Authorization Fees: most processing companies charge 95¢ per call for voice authorization services.
  • Monthly Minimum Penalties: other credit card processors charge $15 to $25 per month when sales do not reach a minimum charge amount.
  • Application Fees: retailers pay, on the average, $40 to $100 in credit card application fees.
  • Programming Fees: most processing companies charge $40 to $100 when switching to another processor.

Unlike other processors, CCG does not charge fees for chargebacks, voice authorizations, monthly minimums, applications or programming.

Supplies and Contract Termination

With CCG, clients pay nothing for Supplies or Contract Termination. Most processors charge for the basic supplies needed for processing credit card transactions and impose a charge when clients switch to another processor.

Reduced or Eliminated Cash Reserves

Now, any company that must tie up much-needed capital by establishing a large cash reserve with a processor can eliminate or dramatically reduce its reserve by processing through CCG. Businesses can pull back cash reserves into their operations to pay for new inventory or improvements, rather than placing this capital in escrow. CCG is the only processor that cared to take on, and solve, this issue.

Unparalleled Support

CCG offers 24/7 support from real people, not computers. Our experts know what business owners face day-in and day-out and know how to make transactions run as smoothly as possible.

Online transactions

Taking credit card payments on your web site at reduced cost. We offer the finest in low cost, secure internet transactions on your client’s website through our Internet Transaction Development Program. Our experts will assist them every step of the way. We will ensure that the process is quick and easy so they can be taking credit card and ACH payments in no time. Our program is cost effective. Our rates are the most competitive around.

Data Breach Protection

No one in the credit card arena takes security more seriously than we do. We
realize that every data compromise creates risk to your business.

Our PCI Protection plan is a new and unique indemnification program that will reduce monetary exposure in the event of a data compromise of your merchant account.

The PCI Protection Plan is designed specifically to meet the expenses resulting from a suspected or actual breach of credit card data in your business. The program is underwritten by Great American Insurance Group a financially strong insurance organization whose insurance companies are rated “A” by independent third party rating agencies.

The program covers you for the following types of expenses related to a data breach.

  • A mandatory forensic audit required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) of a merchant when a data breach is suspected.
  • Card replacement costs and related expenses resulting from the data breach.
  • Fines from the card associations for the data breach

CCG provides $100,000 data breach coverage per merchant identification number (merchant location), with a maximum $500,000 coverage per business.

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